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Ferme Pédagogique du Marais

welcomes you all year-round in the farm L'Écurie du Marais, a village between Niort and Fontenay le Comte

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Mauve is an activity leader working in educational activities, guided hike, guided boat paddling

You will discover our farm and breedings of endangered animals as the Baudets du Poitou and the Solognotes' sheep

You can also go on a walking tour with our guide, to learn about the cultural heritage of the Marais Poitevin and the secrets of the Venise Verte

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For Schools and Institutions Groups Individuals

Group Activities

Guided hike Visit the Farm Picking

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Hear all about the history of the marsh, walk along the canals of the Venise Verte and discover the plants and animals

Discover a farm specialized in the breeding of endangered species : The Baudets du Poitou and the Solognotes' sheep

Follow our guide through the seasons to pick flowers, leaves and fruits and discover the history of the plants and their properties

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Adults less than 15 people 100 euros 190 euros
Adults more than 15 people 130 euros 240 euros
Class of 30 children 120 euros 220 euros
Group less than 16 children 95 euros 180 euros
Group less than 7 children 40€ per hour 70€ per 2 hours

Drôle de Marais

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Parents and children will play games about the animals and plants of the marsh, and hear about the story of the marsh while walking in it

More information
on the website of the educational farm
Mauve Ménard


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Try to find out what is the mysterious animal, follow the hints and tracks of the secret life of the animals of the marsh

Activities in summer

July & August Adult Child
Act as a little farmer from Monday to Friday from 10am to 12pm 3 euros 5 euros
Drôle de Marais Wednesday from 3pm to 5:30pm 3 euros 5.50 euros
Visit of the Farm Friday from 3pm to 5:30pm 6 euros 3 euros
Ride a Donkey 2 hours 25 euros

Through the year, you can do a boat trip with a guide

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With a guide
40 euros   2 people
45 euros    family
With a map
1h30 15 euros

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You can also enjoy horseriding from the campsite during the summer

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Antoine: Mathilde:
Child 6 / 14 years old 10am -12pm    20 euros
Pony for children       30 min    10 euros

Ride    1 hour

   20 euros

Ride    2 hours

   40 euros

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To enter the campsite, follow the yellow signs of L'Écurie du Marais which are put at the entrance of the village Sainte Christine and not go to the 19, rue du Port Grenouillet, which is only a mailing address


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Ferme Pédagogique du Marais
L'Écurie du Marais
Sainte Christine
85490 Benet
Tél: 02 51 52 98 38
Discover our educational farm on our website